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Air Quality Specialists

IQAir’s Air Quality Specialists are a team of experienced indoor air quality professionals who have one simple goal in mind: to solve your air quality concerns.

Our experts are trained to look at every aspect of poor air quality, including sources of contaminants, the role of outdoor air, indoor airflow patterns and how to properly apply the right air filtration technology. In the end, our goal is to offer recommendations for action and air cleaning solutions that are easy to implement and maintain.

The IQAir Air Quality Specialist team includes Certified Indoor Environmentalists and Certified Air Filter Specialists. They are experts in air filtration technology, building design and air quality monitoring. Together, they help to make any commercial environment safer, healthier and more comfortable.

HVAC Professionals

Most large commercial buildings use central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These systems are the “lungs” of a building.

They provide thermal comfort to all parts of a building while also delivering fresh outdoor air and circulating the air within a building. As such, it is difficult – if not impossible – to deal with any air quality issue in a building without understanding and taking into consideration the design and role of the HVAC system.

IQAir, a licensed HVAC contractor in the state of California with hundreds of licensed HVAC contractors around the globe, can work directly with your maintenance or construction teams to ensure the highest standards of planning, design and installation of HVAC-based air filtration technologies. IQAir’s HVAC contractors are certified in calculating airflow requirements, HVAC system control, thermal comfort, and the installation, maintenance and care of heating and cooling systems and HVAC-based air filtration.

Environmental Health Experts

IQAir's staff of health experts specialize in Indoor Air Quality and are always ready to collaborate with your team.

IQAir's team of experts includes in-house environmental health experts, who collaborate with scientists, medical experts, environmental consultants, government and non-governmental agencies to constantly expand and exchange knowledge on how to help protect and enhance human health through cleaner air.

By continuously analyzing the latest findings from leading universities, as well as scientific and medical research, IQAir’s environmental health experts have the latest information at their fingertips. IQAir environmental health professionals benefit your project by constantly guiding IQAir product development and research in a direction that is consistent with public health policy and current scientific knowledge. They are also available to answer your questions and provide a deeper level of public health and planning intelligence for the workplace.

Application Design Specialists

IQAir’s engineering and application design capabilities in the field of clean air technology are second to none.

Our knowledgeable field air quality specialists are backed up by a team of in-house mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer engineers that are able to support the need for customized solutions whenever a standard IQAir product does not fully meet a customer requirement.


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