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AirVisual App

  • What Android APK app installation permissions are needed?

    The Android AirVisual app requires a number of permissions to operate: 

    • Find accounts on the device

    • Approximate location (network based) & precise location (GPS and network-based)

    • Read phone status and identity

    • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage 

    • Read the contents of your USB storage

    • Modify Wi-Fi connections

  • How do I remove or move a location/station in the AirVisual app?

    iOS: Press and hold the location/station for two seconds, then move the location/station around, or remove it by pressing the trash can icon.

    Android: Pressing and holding the location/station will enable you to remove it. To sort the locations/stations around, you need to go to Settings (top, right button) > Organize Stations.

  • How do I change the language of my app?

    iOS: The language of the app will be the same as the language of the phone. For instance, if your phone language is set to Japanese, the app will also display in Japanese. When you change your iOS phone language, the AirVisual app will change.

    Android: You can manually change the language of the app inside the AirVisual app. Simply go to your apps settings, scroll down to User Interface Language and change the language.

  • What is the red notification on the AirVisual app icon?

    The notifications on the AirVisual icon, also called badge notifications, represent the AQI (Air Quality Index). You can select which station or AirVisual Pro is going to display its AQI on your AirVisual icon.

    If you are bothered by the red figures, you can disable the badge notifications in the settings of the app.

  • Why is my AQI different in the AirVisual app between two phones?

    You may notice a difference of AQI between two phones using the same AirVisual app and the same station. The discrepancy comes from using a different AQI system. Devices using a Chinese language display the Chinese AQI by default, while all the other phones use the U.S. AQI by default. 

    To display the same AQI standard, go to the app settings and select the same AQI.

  • Why is the app showing a pollutant name where it should show AQI?

    The AirVisual app shows a range of air quality data for each station. You will always be shown the overall AQI figure, along with additional information about which pollutants influence the AQI. The app displays the main pollutant in text below the AQI number. 

  • How can I use the AirVisual app’s widget on my phone?

    Android: You can choose from 3 different widgets:

    • Little - outdoor data [requires space of 2 app icons] - displays outdoor station name, AQI + icon, last updated time.
    • Big - outdoor data [required space of 8 app icons] - displays chosen outdoor station AQI, name, as well as forecast and weather.
    • Big - AirVisual Pro data [requires space of 8 app icons] - displays all of your AirVisual Pro’s essential info.

    Control the information displayed by your widget from within the app Settings menu:

    • Station widget location (which outdoor station to follow in the widget)
    • Device widget location (choose which monitor’s data to view)
    • Widget background opacity (control your display settings)

    iOS: You can activate your widget while selecting which location/station you want to display in your AirVisual app. 

  • Why won’t my iOS widget display data?

    If your iOS widget doesn't display data, most likely you need to activate the widget with a station.

    Go to the AirVisual app Settings (the wheel in the top right corner), then go to the widget to select a station or an AirVisual Pro. Next (very important!), you need to quit the Settings by pressing Back in the top, left corner. This will save the settings. The widget should then update with the latest information.

    We also found a glitch affecting some iOS10 users that can't display data in the widget. You need to allow the AirVisual app to accept notifications. During the installation, a pop up question is asked, answer Yes. This glitch will be fixed in our next iOS version.


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