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Atem Twice VIP award
Atem Twice VIP award
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Atem Wins 2019 TWICE VIP Award

The IQAir Atem 5-in-1 personal air purifier has won the prestigious TWICE VIP award for top consumer electronics out of over 90 entries across 30 categories.

The IQAir Atem® 5-in-1 Personal Air Purifier has been named the top Home Care Device in the annual 2019 TWICE VIP Awards.

The TWICE VIP Awards are voted on by retailers and distributors, with all winners announced on August 19 in print, online, and in TWICE newsletters. All nominees are recognized in a special digital edition, delivered to over 32,000 subscribers. 

“As the only awards voted on exclusively by consumer tech retailers and distributors, winning a TWICE VIP Award demonstrates your device has what it takes to resonate with consumers and succeed on the shelves,” said Grant Morgan, senior editor of TWICE.

What makes the Atem 5-in-1 Personal Air Purifier worthy of this acclaimed award? Simply put — it’s nothing short of revolutionary.

A revolution in personal air purification

The Atem 5-in-1 Personal Air Purifier is a revolution in air purification — it delivers IQAir’s patented HyperHEPA® filtration power to your personal breathing zone so that you can breathe clean, refreshingly crisp air anytime, anywhere. The Atem is the first air purifier of its kind, offering the versatility of five distinct applications, including:

  • Small Space Air Purifier: for small indoor spaces, such as bedrooms or nurseries
  • Car Air Purifier: for in-cabin air purification with a car-mount accessory
  • Desktop Air Purifier: for your workspace or office
  • Travel Air Purifier: specialized carrying case allows you to take your Atem everywhere and anywhere
  • Portable Air Purifier: mobile, rechargeable power bank provides approximately 12 hours of use on medium default speed

Cool down and clean up your air anywhere

Need to cool down and clean up your air? Most personal desktop fans simply blow the same dirty, stuffy air around in your personal space. The Atem is different — it removes 99.5% of all particles down to the 0.003 microns while wafting cool, crisp air directly to your breathing zone. 

No other personal fan on the market cleans and cools your indoor air as masterfully as the Atem.

Learn more about the Atem 5-in-1 Personal Air Purifier

For a deeper dive into the award-winning Atem 5-in-1 Personal Air Purifier, visit:

Tiffany Allegretti, IQAir Public Relations Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (562) 735-0766

About IQAir

IQAir is a Swiss-based air quality technology company that empowers the world to breathe cleaner air through information, collaboration and technology solutions. With the vision of a world where everyone breathes clean air, IQAir provides individuals, organizations and communities with tools to improve air quality. Since 1963, IQAir pioneers air quality solutions that include air quality data, sensors, monitoring systems, air purification and expert services.


IQAir is a Swiss-based air quality technology company that since 1963 empowers individuals, organizations and communities to breathe cleaner air through information, collaboration and technology solutions.

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